How to Create Smoky Eye Makeup




When flirting, a lot of ladies rely heavily on their sexy makeup. The good thing about smoky makeup is that it is fairly easy to create and its effects are fabulous.

Step one

Use only quality products. First thing you need for smoky makeup is eyeliner. It gives depth to the eyes and forms a nice frame around them. It is important that your eyeliner is easy to apply. You should not have to twist the brush or pencil or retrace it. For best results use liquid eyeliner, but you will also need a pencil and mascara.

Step two

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment – one brush for applying color and another brush for the darker nuances. The best way to apply the basic color of eye shadows is to use a soft brush with natural hair – pony or squirrel. If you do not have such a brush, use an applicator.

Every professional makeup artist has his or her own version of smoky makeup, so there are many variations to choose from. For your own smoky lids you can use blue, purple and green or any color that suits your personal preference.

With a thin liquid eyeliner brush carefully add the main color to the base of the lashes. Don’t despair if the line is not perfect. Still try to keep it thin and not deviating from the base of the lashes, unless you are going for a gothic effect.

After this apply your deeper, darker shadows (usually black) right above the line and up to the middle of the lid. Use a small brush or applicator.

Remember these rules

– Small eyes, small brush.

– And the reverse – large eyes, large brush.

– Spread the eye shadows carefully and evenly on the surface of your lid.

– If you need a deeper color, apply a second layer.

This way your efforts will be rewarded and you will achieve the mysterious smoky makeup reminiscent of the 20s. You can stop here. Or you can continue…

Apply the same eye shadows (or one shade lighter) to the eyelid up to the eyebrows. This will optically enlarge the eyes and give a dramatic expression.

Another trick you can use is to include a lighter color in your makeup. It will enlarge your eyes even further.