Makeup Tricks for Sparkly Eyes




Don’t assume that this article will give complicated or hard to follow advice which only professionals can master, or that adding sparkle to your eyes is a very time-consuming job. Every tip you will find below is simple, clear and easy.

Correct the dark areas

Concealer is the tool you rely on to hide the dark areas or spots on your skin. Typically these areas are around the eyes, nose or mouth. In order to reveal them, you need to look in the mirror with your hair pulled back. This will remove the natural shadows of your hair so that you can pinpoint the exact areas that need to be treated.

After that, apply concealer with a sponge. Do not use concealer where it is not needed. If you have a pimple or two, dab a little bit on top of them, do not cover the whole area.

The concealer should be two tones lighter than the tone of your foundation.

Create the base

Use foundation with a light consistency. The heavier textures highlight every wrinkle on your face.

Gleaming eyes

Use eye shadows as foundation. Select the paler natural tones such as light pink or off-white. They may not be the hottest thing in the fashion world at the moment, but their transparency makes the eyes gleam.

Enlarge the eyes

You can do it without surgery. Enlarge them optically with more mascara and less eyeliner.

Shape the eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of your face. They define your expression. Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance your features, so make sure you shape them in accordance with the shape of your face.

Face powder

It is ideal for the summer, since it absorbs the secretion of the skin, but beware of using more powder than you need. Too much powder will underline the defects of your face.